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Computer Repairs
At MCC we have over 20 years’ experience of repairing computers. We deal with all issues relating to your computer or laptop and will give you an estimate of cost before any work is carried out.
Business Server Networks
We know that businesses simply need a reliable computer network that works, is secure and in the event of any issues, there is always a friendly voice they can get hold of when the need arises. Over the years, we have developed many professional relationships and continue to support local businesses without creating fuss.
As the demands of business and technology become increasingly complex, we have the capability to advise, deliver and support the best solutions for your needs. We simply work with you to get the job done.
Internet Security
Internet Security is an area to be taken very seriously. In our experience, it doesn’t matter if you are a Big Business, Small Business or simply a Home user; without appropriate security and procedures in place, an attack is not a matter of “if” but “when”. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases it is only after something serious has occurred, that you realise how stressful and damaging it can be.
As an AVG/AVAST Business Partner, MCC can provide the right security measures to suit your needs. For peace of mind, whether in business or at home, just give us a call if you are not sure about the security you have or whether it is suitable for today’s increasingly sophisticated security attacks.
Backup Solutions
Businesses hold so much data and information such as documents, records, accounts, emails and photographs. Loss of data could simply be an inconvenience but equally it could prove to be fatal, especially if you rely heavily on your data to work. It is increasingly important to centrally store your business data and back it up with a professional thought out solution. System failures, Security Breach and Human error are all ways to lose files. If it is time for you consider a backup solution please talk to us to get an idea of what you might need and what it would cost. There is no need for fingers crossed!
Data Protection
GDPR is now a legal obligation that we all must take measures to comply with and we encourage, ahead of time, an investment into robust systems and protocols. Careful, thought out planning is good practice for any individual, business or organisation that stores personal data. It makes no difference if it is a single device or part of a complex network, we have a “Duty of Care” to store and transport personal data securely. If you have not addressed this issue already or are uncertain of the integrity or reliability of your present set up, please give Gordon a call.
Remote Support
It is vitally important that the people who have access to your computer systems and data are trustworthy, experienced and confidential.
If you have a standalone system or are part of a server network, MCC can be there with a fast and trusted response which is only a telephone call and a few clicks away.
Speak to us about how, through using the latest remote support technology, we can best support your business with the minimum amount of down time and disruption.
Data Management Systems
There comes a time when all businesses need their own management system to save time and get out reports that are needed. MCC have loads of experience in creating bespoke solutions that do what you need them to do.
Our Data Management Systems save you money, increase efficiency and are upgradeable as you grow into them. It is worth the call.
Hosting Mail Antispam
For many years MCC has built up an experience of running multiple location dedicated servers. We provide and host websites, mailboxes and provide spam filters for clients directly and also other website businesses.
We specialise in remote systems and operate with smartphone technologies. If you are looking for a complete central business solution or simply would like us to provide the bits you can’t, just give us a call.

Website Design

At MCC we don’t break the bank but we do box clever and we love seeing websites work. In our experience a quick, “get it live and forget about it” approach doesn’t usually work. We take time to gather good useful content and build a professional website, factoring in the social networks and blogs. First impressions really do count online. It does matter how your website looks, how it engages easily with people and how it operates on different devices.
Digital Media
Bring on Digital Media….. we just love it ! At MCC we have creativity and strategy just right. Art, Video and Audio; we work with it all. When your digital media is working alongside your website and brand management then you are firing on all cylinders.
MCC is where vision meets know-how and creates an experience that you will enjoy and your customers will get. It’s not that complicated but you do need someone beside you who can guide you.
Design and print
Design has become an extremely important asset and we love to see businesses or organisations encouraged by good design. At MCC we can cover a very wide range of print requests, whether large and small. Our work is original and fresh and we ensure that from Internet to print, we are able to create a consistent look and a feel for you, which will put you out there in a positive light.
Brand Management / Marketing
No matter if it is a small or large business, getting to grips with your identity and how you build on it, can be essential to survival. MCC help businesses and organisations develop their brand image and get their message out there. We have experience and will dedicate time to working out a plan with clients. We can meet monthly, develop strategies and initiatives which make sense and are achievable.
media training
Is your business or organisation using the Internet, social media and different forms of digital media in a meaningful and effective way? Or are you simply having a go and not really seeing any results?

Our 1 day training course called Media Essentials delivers a refreshing approach in understanding and tackling how we can get more out of the Internet.

The craic is good and as usual the coffee is on tap ! If you want your business or organisation to be performing better online, give Philip or Gordon a call.


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