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It is time to get serious

There are serious consequences if you are hacked or if data is not secure for businesses and organisations. To help minimise risk please read our advice and seriously consider Security Awareness Services.

Do not treat lightly or attempt to cut costs.
It doesn’t matter what size your business or organisation is, the consequences of a data breach or loss of information is your responsibility.
There is no differentiation between a small or large business/organisation. If you do not have dedicated/specialist IT personnel then you should consider outsourcing and have measures in place to minimise exposure & any potential risks.

Taking a fingers crossed approach is no longer acceptable.
We realise IT has become more complex. MCC have the necessary expertise to support your business or organisation.

Security Awareness Services from MCC

MCC are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Cyber Security.

Whether to meet compliance for Cyber Insurance purposes or to ensure you have the relevant safeguards in place, MCC can advise and assist accordingly.

Security and Protection

Security for Devices

Have you considered all the vulnerable areas your business or organisation may be exposed to?

These include, but are not limited to, Computer/Laptops on your network either on-site or remotely & don’t forget about smartphones, mobile devices and tablets

Preventative security measures include:

– Antivirus software
– Spam/Malware protection
– Encryption
– Firewall
– Multi-factor Authentication
– Security Awareness Training

Protection of Data

Who has access to your Data and what level of access is granted? Where and how is the data stored? Do you have secure and tested backup procedures in place? Can you ensure continuity of business & services if you lose your data due to

– Corruption
– Hardware Failure
– Hacking
– Accidental Deletion
– Ransomware
– Disgruntled Employee

Security Awareness Training

Scams are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to spot. More people are being caught out, resulting in financial loss to businesses and organisations not to mention the stress and anxiety this causes. Reports suggest that as high as 80% of scams/hacks occur via email.

– Have you Spam & Malware protection in place?
– Are your employees trained to spot a scam such as spearhead phishing?

Don’t leave it to chance. Please contact us for further advice and help.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Simulated random phishing campaigns supported with training can be setup for your business or organisation which will advise on the areas of weakness. These can then be addressed accordingly to help you negate future real threats and attacks.

Cyber Insurance – Yes it is a real thing.

Cyber Insurance is very real. Has your business or organisation been asked questions such as the following examples for insurance purposes. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Q. Does your company require malware/virus protection on all endpoints which is updated in accordance with the software provider’s recommendations?
Q. Do you have regular (at least annual) mandatory training of employees to increase IT security and data privacy awareness?
Q. Do you conduct regular (at least every six months) employee phishing campaigns?
Q. Have you implemented email filtering?
Q. Is remote access enabled?
Q. Have you implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) for remote access in respect of all network users?
Q. Has multi-factor authentication (MFA) been implemented for system administrators and users with privileged access rights?
Q. Does your company store sensitive information on any mobile device?
Q. Does your company require all internet and external access points to your network to be secured by firewall(s)?

Q. Does your company perform regular back-ups of sensitive information and critical data?

  • Are such back-ups stored on media which is disconnected from your network?
  • Are such back-ups encrypted?
  • Are such back-ups tested for recovery integrity at least every six months?

Q. Does your business have a business continuity plan?
Q. Does your business have a disaster recovery plan?

We understand that Cyber Security and Data Security can be very daunting. Understanding all of the terminologies and expectations can be a challenge. MCC are here, so please feel free to get in touch for help.

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