Google Analytics

What’s working and what’s not

You don’t need to be a maths expert or statistician

Gone are the days when we need to guess at our website, cross our fingers and hope we have got it right. Website analytic tools such as Google Analytics have become extremely valuable to help us gain an understanding for what’s going on with a website.

What is working and what is not with your website?

What do you need to be doing to improve and develop the website?

Where do you put the time and effort and ultimately money to make it a more effective website?

Please don’t think it is not for you

Together we will help you as you track your websites performance. At MCC we use Google Analytics to help our clients explore what is working and what is not on their website.

Even after many years of building websites we still get a buzz when clients begin to get a handle on Google Analytics and realise how some basic information on a website can help illustrate what is going on.

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