MCC Computers Ballymena we carry out computer repairs & virus removal. We at MCC have over 17 years experience in repairing computers and looking after data.

Before schools and universities start back take your computer or laptop to MCC Computers to deal with any niggling faults or problems. A Faulty, overheating or a computer running slow can be an massive inconvenience and irritation, and it may be a simple problem that could be easily fixed. We will service any computer to make sure it is in good working order.

Why service your machine?

– To ensure all underlying threats are removed

– To get the operating system and software fully updated to most recent versions

– To physically clean all internal dust/dirt that can cause overheating/damage

– Optimise the performance of your system

Basically it just ensures your computer or laptop will run as smoothly & efficiently as possible.

If you have a problem with your computer, laptop or server we can help. Before we begin anything we will give you an estimate of cost. We want your decision making to be as easy as possible.

Simply pop in to the shop or call to book your system in.

MCC Computers

Ballymena Business Centre


T: 028 2563 8888