At MCC Computers  Ballymena we love seeing technology develop and over the past 17 years we have watched as computers have become smaller and more portable, tablets have become popular and mobile phones are no longer just for phone calls.

The latest idea is “wearable technology”. We have already seen Google Glass but what about a smartwatch?

“With a wearable device you can be going about the rest of your day, just glance down at your wrist and the information you need is there right away without even having to ask for it,” said Android’s director of engineering David Singleton. “Watches are good at telling time, but imagine having useful actionable information there precisely when you need it, automatically.”

Is this going to be the next big thing? Google certainly seem to think that Android Wear is the future. MCC Computers look forward to watching this technology as it develops and incorporating it into our lives and businesses.

Android Wear – Wearable Technology