For computer virus repair in Ballymena, MCC Computers Ballymena Business Centre has been trusted for over 14 years to deal with virus repairs and servicing of laptops and computers. A Computer virus can cause lots of problems and MCC Computers has put together this information to help you if you think you might have a computer virus.

Symptoms that your computer or laptop may have a virus

  • Computer running slow – If you are continually having to wait on programs to load and pages to refresh
  • Cannot log on to system – Some forms of virus can block you from getting logged on to your computer and/or data
  • Pop-ups – If you are suddenly inundated with unwanted pop ups appearing on your screen
  • Adware – This will display unwanted advertisements
  • Malware – Malware will corrupt data files and gather sensitive information such as passwords and bank details
  • Suspicious software appears – Strange updates or programs may appear in your computer

As with most things prevention is better than cure. If you have a computer then it is of vital importance that you have an up to date security system which will protect you and your personal data from any sort of virus. A security system will protect your data, and all your online transactions and banking information. It will allow you, and your children, to browse the internet safely.

Personal usage is just as important now as business usage. Bear in mind that there is no such thing as “free” internet security. You may get one element e.g. Virus protection ‘free’ for a trial period but after a set amount of days you will be left unprotected. A good Internet Security Package such as Kaspersky Internet Security will include protection against Viruses, Spyware, Spam, Phishing and offers excellent Parental Control protection.

MCC Computers have been repairing computers and laptops, continuing to build our business on trust and reliability combined with the professionalism and expertise our customers expect.  The service is local, friendly and down-to-earth – cutting out all of the confusing jargon and getting straight to the point. We won’t remove existing personal data as some other companies will to remove a virus. We want to fix the problem without wiping out your existing data and we will tell you exactly what we need to do at each step of the process. We are just at the end of the phone, why trust your computer in the hands of a faceless organisation when you can come to our workshop and speak to us directly.Simply drop in to MCC Computers at Ballymena Business Centre or take the first step by calling directly on 028 2563 8888 for further information.

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