MCC Computers Ballymena are only too familiar with the hurt and stress that Internet scams can cause. There are so many days when people call or drop in with us at MCC, feeling that they may have been “Hit” by some sort of scam or malware, which has left them unsure of what to do. In some cases they are completely distraught. It didn’t matter whether it was on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

We thought we should simply write this blog to let you know that if you have been affected or think you may have been, please feel totally comfortable about dropping in with us at Ballymena Business Centre, where we will do our best to help you. Having that peace of mind has allowed those coming in at their wits end leaving feeling a whole lot better. If you feel that there is someone you know that might benefit from this post, then please share it with them.

In our experience, everyone is susceptible to an Internet threat, as some are now very sophisticated and extremely difficult to spot. We totally understand that, so please don’t think you are the only one ! Sometimes there is no damage done and all that is needed is simply a set of experienced eyes and a friendly chat… there may even be a cup of tea !! Sometimes it might be a case of your device needing a health check to ensure that you have everything in place to protect your devices as much as possible.

We have been building and repairing computers since 1996 and over the years we have moved with the times and are experienced in Internet security both for the home and businesses. So please if you feel you need to, drop in at MCC Computers, Ballymena Business Centre, Ballymena or simply lift the phone. Ask for Gordon, Anne or Philip

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