MCC Computers are delighted to introduce our new Media Centre in Ballymena

Much careful thought and planning has gone in to this new facility as we wanted to create a dedicated media centre environment that would be useful to businesses and organisations to help them learn about and utilise the essential media tools of our culture today. It was important to us that we take the approach of training and advice to a different level. Having just been launched the centre has already caught the imagination and has already surpassed our expectations with regards the demand and interest already generated. The signs are good and we are genuinely excited about the possibilities to help many businesses and organisations here in Ballymena and further afield. The feedback and interaction we have had in such a short space of time with regards the uniqueness of approach and delivery to modern media has further reinforced the requirement for such a facility.

Evolution or Revolution !?

MCC have been working in digital media for many years having delivered and advised on internet solutions as well as design and print. Since the year 2000 we have been offering all sorts of training programs for the individual, businesses and organisations in our training rooms. From training in ICT development strategies, Microsoft Certified courses, ECDL, Sage Accounts and many others we have always worked to deliver what is relevant and useful. However, now is the time for change, so much so we have completely changed our facilities to focus completely on one task…. demonstrating and advising how to get the most out of media and make it work for you and your business/organisation. From the Ballymena Media Centre at MCC we are able to approach training and consultancy in a brand new way. We now have an environment in which you can understand the essentials of media and take control to make them work for you.

The Essentials of Media

The essentials of websites, blogs, social media, events and print have been around for many years and at MCC Computers we have been working in all off these areas for many years. We have taken all these years of experience and knowledge to work with these essentials and present them in way that is fresh and meaningful. We can’t simply keep providing courses on a specific element saying that will help your business or organisation. For a business or organisation to survive now in an internet driven era it is important to understand all the media essentials, embrace how they work together and how these can be implemented in their particular context.  While there is benefit in being good at particular tasks, for us it is now more important how these essentials are understood and mapped together to become much more effective.

If you feel your business would need help with media please feel free to lift the phone or pop in to MCC and ask for Philip.