Brand New

MCC Computers are creating something totally different and unique …..a dedicated campaign room.  We believe in this modern era of technology and the Internet, this will facilitate new and completely fresh opportunities for businesses, education and organisations. We are so convinced of this that we are removing one of our existing training rooms to make way for The Campaign Room complete with a Campaign Wall!  We have been formulating the blue print for quite some time….. we are now ready and on the move. We have a collective team and together we are ready to deliver something new!

Its Time to Evolve

For many years MCC has been helping businesses and organisations in Ballymena and further afield with their Websites, Social Media, Design and Print. We now feel we are in times where there is a need to move forward with what can be done with these wonderful tools, so that we can provide solutions which are even more helpful to our community. Its time to evolve and challenge how we use all existing mediums including websites, social media, design and print. Of course we will continue to create websites, help and train in social media and provide excellent design and print and still see the wonderful benefits they bring….however we have a growing excitement of how as a community of many different businesses and organisations and education we can work together and perhaps mix it up and connect in a meaningful and useful way.

Good Old fashioned Values

In a way there is nothing new. We are simply getting back to “good old fashioned values” of what generations of businesses and organisations did before us. Come together, share and help to benefit each other.  When we share together and have a common goal, we don’t need to go it alone. Together we are able to make more impact and we can also share costs. We are really excited about this and have actively sought to evolve into this new way of working and thinking using digital media and the Internet;  it is beginning to become more of a reality as we begin to change the room. A new way of connecting, sharing the conversation and building campaigns together will inevitably provide fresh ways of operating as well as growing business and communities to mutual advantage as we work together.

The Campaign Wall

Phase 1 is just completed…. we have the campaign formula printed on our wall! Thanks to the fantastic job the guys at Ballyprint did, we have a full wall print with the 4 main elements needed to work a campaign. Our aim is that when we gather together with different people to build a campaign we will be able to understand what the wall means. It all sounds very cryptic we know but all will be revealed very soon ….  we have been blown away with how easily it has been understood, immediately as soon as eyes see it. We have already begun creating campaigns using the 4 elements and we haven’t even the room completed yet!

…… more to come, watch this space.