Data protection and GDPR – topics that will seldom be discussed around the dinner table but should definitely be on the agenda at the boardroom table or wherever you make your business decisions. If you are a business/organisation/club owner or manager, when did you last check or update your data protection policies? If the answer is never, a long time ago or you don’t remember, then now is a good time to act. It really is important to ensure that the information you store about your customers/clients/members is kept safe – for their sake and yours – it’s the law.

What does this mean for the business or organisation you own or manage?

The new laws in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018. Click here for a link to the Data Protection Act 2018. Its main objective is to strengthen and standardise data protection laws for all EU citizens. The regulations in it apply to any organisation or business that processes or controls data on behalf of an individual or group of individuals. It is therefore your responsibility to have the relevant policies in place to ensure your organisation or business collects, processes and protects all the information it receives in a safe and secure manner.

The personal data you hold can come from a variety of sources including emails from your customers or clients, individuals buying from your website, sending electronic receipts and so on. Are you sure the system you are using has the necessary security measures in place to keep all this information as safe and secure as possible, and what is now required by law? Would you like this checked by a professional business with lots of experience in the field?

We are here to help

Have you decided that now is the time for your business, organisation or club to take data protection and GDPR seriously? Time to get it checked and have that peace of mind, knowing that what you are doing is enough to protect both yourself and those whose information you hold?

If so, here at MCC we can discuss your individual situation, then advise and where necessary, improve your data protection and security. The first step is to simply get in touch with us. Phone Anne or Gordon on 028 2563 8888 to arrange an appointment.

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