MCC Computers at Ballymena Business Centre understand the importance of developing a Digital Media Strategy that gives you the best opportunity to ensure your business or organisation appears on page one of internet searches. To illustrate an MCC Digital media Strategy in action we applied it to ourselves as we put together our own online content for “Digital Media Ballymena”. We have screen grabbed the result below for you to check out, but please don’t take our word for it, do it yourself by going to Google and typing in “digital media ballymena” to see the results on your own system. As you can see, when we searched for “digital media ballymena” on the search engine Google, MCC Computers was represented on the top search results of page one with an article dated 17th April  about “appearing on the front page of internet searches”.


In this ever changing, ever more demanding world, with your own Digital Media Strategy your business can tackle the internet and aim to develop your own presence. MCC Computers are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out more about a Digital Media Strategy and the range of services we can offer.

To find out how MCC can be of help to you please simply drop in to MCC Computers at Ballymena Business Centre or take the first step by calling directly on 028 2563 8888 for further information.

Digital Media Strategy Ballymena