MCC Computers Ballymena have over 20 years’ experience carrying out computer repairs. We have seen computer repairs change a lot over the years. Internet security and data has become an integral part of computer repairs both at home and at work. MCC Computers understand the stress caused by a breach of security online or loss of data.

Computer Repairs and Internet Security Issues

No repair is too big or too small for us. We are experienced in dealing with everything from large business server networks to a small laptop and everything in between. In this day and age when so many people have become reliant on their computer on a daily basis we do our best to have repairs carried out as quickly and efficiently as we can. However, before we begin a repair we will give an estimate of the cost so each customer can decide if they want to proceed or not.

Repairs to business networks

We realise that businesses simply need their computer networks to work – to be reliable and to be secure. We have worked closely with many business clients for over 20 years and do our best to deliver a first class service. One advantage of using MCC is the friendly voice on the phone when you first report a fault or issue – no automated messages here! We are always keeping ourselves updated with new technologies and are continually adapting to work with the ongoing changes to increasingly complex systems. Once the fault is reported we offer professional advice and give you the best options and solutions to get your system up and running again.

Internet security is also a major issue which affects us all. We are an AVG/Avast Business Partner, and as such can offer our clients a tailored Internet Security package suitable for their business needs.

Computer and laptop repairs for home users

Over the years we have carried out countless computer and laptop repairs for home users in our workshop. These include hard drive failures, systems running slow and all too often it’s dealing with a virus attack. So next time your computer is ‘playing up’ we are here to help. We will analyze the problem, give you good advice, a solution to the problem and a quote of the repair cost before we start the work. We aim to have your machine in and out of the workshop in as little time as possible but that obviously varies depending on the amount of work needed.

Internet Security issues also keep us busy in the workshop. We still come across so many home computers with inadequate or no security installed. This is asking for trouble and sooner or later they will become infected with a virus and all the hassle that comes with that. We offer home users inexpensive but very effective Internet Security through our business partner AVG/Avast. Why not give yourself the peace of mind and have it installed on your computer?

Computer repairs and Internet Security issues keep our workshop busy. We’re based in Galgorm Ballymena and are here for you when or if you are having issues with your computers or network. Just give us a call on 028 2563 8888.