MCC Computers Ballymena understands that you can buy a computer or laptop from different places these days whether it is online or from a High Street store. The team at MCC Computers really don’t mind where your purchase is made and are here to help set up internet security, service and repair computers whatever the issue. If you have got a computer for Christmas and would like it set up for you in the New Year please come along as we will be only to delighted to help you.

Many computers are sold with ‘free’ internet security, however, it may be only for a 30 day free trial and when that runs out you end up having to purchase the full version.  Is what you are being given for “free” the right security software for you?  Maybe you need help in installing or making the right choice? Why not contact MCC Computers so that we can help you. The most important thing is that your computer is protected while on the internet and that your information is secure.

Also remember that if you are thinking about buying a computer or laptop this Christmas, give MCC Computers a call in the first instance.  They will be more than happy to discuss your need and advise on what computer or laptop might best for you and your family needs.

For advice, a service or repair contact MCC Computers Ballymena,  T: 028 2563 8888.