Since 1996 MCC Computers Ballymena have been servicing and repairing computers. We are grateful to the many customers we have worked with over those years and have enjoyed many friendships we have made, together with the trust we have built up with them. We realise that allowing someone access to your computer is not something to take lightly, as it means handing over access to all the files and documents stored on your computer. Therefore, at MCC, we feel it is important that whomever you choose, to have your computer repaired by or your business network maintained by, please take time to find out about the people you are going to allow into your computers, systems and network. This could be a costly mistake in the wrong hands! Your computer and the data it holds is in safe hands whether it is left in at the MCC workshop or if any of our team is on-site at your home or business.

Keeping Your Data Safe and Secure

Keeping data safe and secure at all times is important for all computer users. Home computer users will usually have personal details such as address details, banking details, passwords etc stored on their computers or laptops. Businesses will have customer databases and other sensitive material stored on their systems that need to be kept secure, especially with the new GDPR regulations which are in effect. There are many threats which can compromise your computer’s data and these can come in several forms.

  • As we’ve just said, it’s important who has access to your computer and login details.
  • There’s the ever-increasing number of attacks from hackers, scammers and computer security threats including; Computer Virus, Rogue Security Software, Trojan Horse, Adware, Spyware, Worm & Phishing.
  • The threat of someone physically stealing your computer or portable memory devices and the data they contain.

Thankfully there are several ways to help ensure your data stays safe and secure.

  • When you need your computer serviced or repaired, take it to a reputable and trusted company who will keep your data secure.
  • Have your device serviced regularly so that security updates and Internet security software is up-to-date.
  • Be careful when using public WiFi.
  • Log out after using websites where you have entered personal details including usernames and passwords.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can protect yourself from having the data on your computer compromised.

Are you doing what you can to keep your data safe and secure? Are you concerned about the possibility that your computer data has been compromised? Have you had your computer or laptop serviced recently and good Internet security software installed or are you relying on a free anti-virus download to keep your data safe?  Whatever the issue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be glad to discuss it with you. Just call into our premises in Galgorm or phone 028 2563 8888 and ask for either Gordon or Anne.

Annual Service

Why not get into the habit of giving your computer or laptop an annual service? Many of our customers return again and again for their computer or laptop’s annual service. A major part of this service is to ensure your computer is as safe as possible when using the Internet. We will check for system and software updates and install them. We also recommend installing or updating to Avast Internet Security software on every computer. Each system is checked to ensure it is free from any potential underlying threats. However, we are also here to give advice, to give you peace of mind, to answer concerns you may have about data security and how important data can be backed up. Remember, your computer is safe in our hands!