MCC Computers Ballymena know that Antivirus and Internet Security should be a top priority for your Computer or Laptop. MCC Computers can advise on, and install, Antivirus Software for you.

Why do you need Anti virus software?

BBC WebWise say;

“Keep your computer healthy. Help it avoid viruses. You’ll see them given many different names, such as ‘malware’ and ‘spyware’.

But viruses are basically all programs or files with one thing in common – they’re out to cause trouble by gaining access to your device and attacking personal data.

Your computer’s built-in ‘firewall’ will keep some of them out, so make sure it’s turned on.

And you should install anti-virus software which – if you keep it up to date – will usually block most other threats.”

If you need Internet Security for your Computer or Laptop we can help. At MCC Computers Ballymena we want your personal details and data to be safe while you use the internet.
For more information about Internet Security and Antivirus Software click here and contact MCC Computers Ballymena.

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