What can MCC Computers and their Media Centre offer your church? The answer to this will vary and depends on what media help your church requires. Our aim at MCC is to help equip your church with the necessary tools and capability to compete in the noise of today’s culture. We have a deep understanding of how churches work and are here to see how, through the use of media, we can work together to reach out, engage and connect to the communities/parishes/areas in which you serve and witness with your church message. We value relationships and whether it is a small or large job we have a desire to see how we can be of help and the difference it can make for the extension of Christ’s kingdom/His church.

What Can MCC Computers Media Centre Offer Your Church?What products and services can we provide? MCC Computers have a wealth of experience in the world of media including; WEBSITES, PRINT, MEDIA TRAINING, GRAPHIC DESIGN, AUDIO & VIDEO SERMON UPLOADS and much more. We are very approachable and will be happy to meet representatives from your church to discuss your individual requirements. Those requirements may be for a small batch of leaflets to help promote an event or could be a complete media campaign for your church. We have worked with many churches over the years to help them get their message to a wider audience.

WEBSITES – Working with representatives from your church, we can design and build a modern website that conveys the message you wish the wider world to see. A few examples of sites we have already built include the following Presbyterian churches;  Dervock – www.dervockpresbyterianchurch.org, Rostrevor – www.rostrevorpresbyterian.org, High Kirk Ballymena – www.highkirk.org.uk & Wellington Church Ballymena – www.wellingtonpc.co.uk. We have also built websites for various Missions including The Francina Foundation – www.thefrancinafoundation.org Mission Possible – www.missionpossibleni.co.uk and www.hopeandafutureethiopia.org

CHURCH MAGAZINES – We design and produce regular magazines for several churches in both online and printed versions. The online versions are placed on a dedicated space on your website (an example of which can be viewed following this link) while the paper version is generally printed to A4 or A5 size. We can accommodate any size of print run from small to large.

PRINT – Invitations, leaflets, communion tokens, calling cards, event tickets, posters…..the list goes on. Whatever you want printed we can do it!

MEDIA TRAINING – Nowadays, there are so many ways to get your message out there, so this is an area which is becoming more and more important in all walks of life, including the church. Here at MCC we have a dedicated Training Room where we deliver media training days. These, like everything we do, are tailored to suit each church/organisation/group. By the end of each of these one day courses the attendees will have a much better awareness of media essentials and the know-how from which to build a media campaign for your church.

What Can MCC Computers Media Centre Offer Your Church?

MCC Media Centre and Training Room

SERMONS – ONLINE AUDIO & VIDEO – More and more churches are recording the sermons and putting them online. This is a great way to help those in your congregation who are unable to come to church for whatever reason and especially good for students who are quite often living away from home for long periods of time not to mention the potential reach there is via the Internet to a global audience.

DESIGN and PRINT – We will do whatever graphic design work is needed for each project. It’s an obvious statement, but good design is so important. It’s what catches the eye and attracts people to find out more about what you want to communicate.

We have worked with many churches and missions, both large and small, over the years. For some it was a small job of designing and printing a batch of flyers or leaflets. For others it has been a complete media campaign including design, website, online sermons, magazines…the lot. The size of job is irrelevant, if your church needs work done in the world of media, we would love to help.


As a further part of our commitment to churches we have also created a web platform back in 2012 called The Church Page – www.thechurchpage.com. Through this, churches have been sharing news and event details that are posted on it for free. This is an ever-growing community, reaching thousands every week and which offers your church a great space from which to further reach people who you’re unlikely to reach in your own individual media channels.

Do you think it’s time to have a conversation about what more your church could be doing to get your message to a wider audience? We’re very happy to have a chat with your church representatives to see how we can help. Anyone who knows us realise that we are very happy to stick the kettle on and have a chat with your church representative(s) to see how we can help. Simply call Philip in the first instance on 028 2563 8888 to get the ball rolling.