Media Essentials Training Programme

We recently ran another very successful Media Essentials Training Programme with a team from The Big House. Our training takes place at our Media Centre in Galgorm, just outside Ballymena. We were delighted to welcome the team of six key team members from The Big House to our training facility.

The Big House offer counselling, training, camps and workshops for young people and leaders throughout Northern Ireland. Most of these are run through churches or youth groups.

The Big House as an organisation realise the importance of having a strategy in place to cover all aspects of media. This is something which needs to be assessed on a regular basis and our Media Essentials Training Programme gave The Big House team an opportunity to do this.

The programme has been designed, planned and implemented by us here at MCC Computers. We can tailor each Training Day to be relevant to those attending, be this from a business, organisation or church background. The day is split into segments, it’s delivered in a casual but interesting and informative manner….and of course it’s interspersed with coffee!

Some comments from The Big House team who attended our Media Essentials Training Programme.

Thank you –

  • For inspiring us in our dreaming and scheming and helping us build our campaign
  • For helping us take a wider look at what we are doing
  • For a great day and for all the encouragement
  • For sharing with us, inspiring us and guiding us today. You’re a superstar!

Also a comment from the ‘IT guy’ at The Big House.

“One really helpful output from the Media Essentials course was helping us to work smarter rather than harder. It helped us understand the strengths and weaknesses and potential of a wide range of online media and especially how they can work most effectively together. It was also helpful to consider the individual strengths and preferences within our team, seeing how different people could contribute in different ways and how much we can do when we all work together rather than leaving it all to one IT guy or Social Media guru.”

You can find out more about The Big House on their website here.

Thank you to The Big House for helping make this a wonderful day. It was a day where we dreamed together, had great fun and tackled the issues in dealing with the Media Essentials required in today’s culture. It is really exciting when we take a fresh look at how things are being done, and in a very noisy media world find a way of making all the opportunities work together to achieve results.

I am very excited at this stage how presenting our training with a new and fresh approach has been received so well. It is so encouraging when together we understand how to use the many elements available to us to build a worthwhile campaign. It is really wonderful when a course which has taken many years in the making finally comes together and is so well received. – Philip

Get in touch with Philip at MCC Computers here if you think a Media Essentials training day would benefit your business or organisation. All the contact details are also on the Ballymena Media Centre website here.

Gordon talks about Internet Security on Q Radio

Gordon from MCC Computers Ballymena was on Q Radio recently. He was invited by Q Radio’s Brian Reynolds to speak on Internet Security and provide an insight and advice how we can best stay safer while online.

Listen to the interview here.


If you are worried about Internet Security in your home or in your business please call MCC Computers and ask to speak to Gordon. You can also pop into MCC Computers Ballymena.

For further information on Internet Security please read our blog article

To listen to Brian Reynold’s on Q Radio click here




St Anne’s Cathedral Belfast Wins Award

Well done to St Anne’s Cathedral who for the second year in a row has picked up three major awards in the Church of Ireland’s Central Communications Board’s Communications Competition.
Having built their new website and launched it a few weeks ago, MCC Computers are delighted St Anne’s were the winners of the website category.
The judges said

“St Anne’s has ‘a good, clear solid design to reflect the cathedral status, a strong colour scheme, vibrant high quality photos and clear navigation. It has helpful, clear, tailored information and it is aimed at the visitor and worshipper alike. It also loads well on an iPhone.”

You can read more about the awards at

“It has been a pleasure to work alongside the folks at St Anne’s Cathedral. Together right from the first meeting to the launch of the website their professionalism and input was amazing. Not only did we develop a website together, we also built a friendship, which we value tremendously.” – Philip, MCC Computers


“We are delighted with our new website and the work that MCC carried out in partnership with our internal team. Our old site had not been refreshed in nearly 15 years and with our changing position as a major tourist attraction and events venue in Belfast we needed a website that reflected this. Philip and the team at MCC very quickly grasped how we wanted to communicate the Cathedral online and have built a website which is not only easy to use but also visually stunning.” – Simon Cordner, Business Manager

In building this website, we worked with a clear purpose in mind, as we wanted to create a website, which would allow communication and interaction. It is a website, which we really enjoyed building. We trust all users will have a positive engagement and interaction with the site and the staff at St Anne’s Cathedral will get good use of it as well.
We continue to support the team at St Anne’s hosting and maintaining the website and their mail accounts.
If you are considering a trip to Belfast, please check out to see what is available and what events are coming up. So much is happening at the Belfast Cathedral and you can keep up to date and check out their stories by reading their news here at

If you would like some help or advice with your present website or are considering a new website please feel free to contact MCC Computers Ballymena on 028 2563 8888 and ask for Philip

How can we protect and secure ourselves in a digital, connected era?


via BBC WebWise

In light of the recent headline news over this past week regarding the ransomware virus attacks in the UK, MCC Computers have put have put together a few tips to help you against the increasing online threats we are witnessing.

Generally speaking we are living in a world where we have all become potential targets through the Internet for Ransomware, Viruses, Malware, Phishing and Scams.  Therefore, it has become increasingly necessary to ensure we are more vigilant, keeping our Computers, Laptops and Internet enabled devices up to date with appropriate Internet security, system updates and security patches.

Some of the key areas we would highlight along with some tips for good practice include:


  • Ensure you check the legitimacy of incoming e-mails.  Be aware of suspicious, unsolicited e-mails arriving.  Indicators may include:-


This is one of the primary reasons/sources of falling victim and getting infected. DO NOT click on suspicious links within an e-mail or open attachments.


in genuine e-mails, they will be specific, a virus infected e-mail or one leading to a spurious website/threat may use for example the subject heading “For your immediate attention”, “Review your account details”, “Check this out…”, “Special offer, today only” etc.


the syntax and structure of the email may just not be correct and include incorrect spelling and sentence structure.  Also may use terminology such as “revert back”, “check out this link”, “view more details here” etc.


i.e. if it is generic and not personal, i.e. ‘Help Desk’ and ‘Customer Care Team.’


even though you may recognise the name of the sender, the actual email address could be spurious.  Always check just to be sure.

security details:

Never, ever share your password with someone over e-mail.  Legitimate companies never request credentials/security details by email.

  • If in any doubt whatsoever, immediately delete such e-mails from your Inbox and empty your Deleted Items in your mail software.
  • In the unlikely event you unintentionally open an infected e-mail, immediately shut down your Computer or Laptop and take it to a computer specialist who will remove the underlying threat(s) and check to ensure your system is clear .


  • When visiting a website, pay attention to the URL (full web address).  Common malicious sites include URLs with IP addresses at the beginning or supposedly secure site that do not use https:// (any website that you are making payments, viewing financial information should always begin with this prefix)


  • You should have an up to date (paid for) subscription to a robust Internet Security software.  ‘Free’ versions of security software simply do not cut it and if you are using such software you really are ‘crossing your fingers’ as this is providing only the very basic level of security protection.  You need to ensure your security software protects you with Firewall, Phishing, Malware, Web and Email protection as potential threats can come from any of these channels
  • Also ensure your system is scanned on a weekly basis (good software will have this feature built in automatically) and all portable storage devices (memory sticks, hard drives etc) should be scanned each time they are connected to your Computer or Laptop
  • Do take a moment to routinely open your security program, to ensure it is up to date with the latest virus definitions and to check the most recent scans of the system and removable devices.

If you need someone to talk to about Internet security for your home or business in Ballymena please feel free to call 028 2563 8888 or pop in and talk to us at MCC Computers, Ballymena Business Centre.

MCC Computers Media Centre

MCC Computers are delighted to introduce our new Media Centre in Ballymena

Much careful thought and planning has gone in to this new facility as we wanted to create a dedicated media centre environment that would be useful to businesses and organisations to help them learn about and utilise the essential media tools of our culture today. It was important to us that we take the approach of training and advice to a different level. Having just been launched the centre has already caught the imagination and has already surpassed our expectations with regards the demand and interest already generated. The signs are good and we are genuinely excited about the possibilities to help many businesses and organisations here in Ballymena and further afield. The feedback and interaction we have had in such a short space of time with regards the uniqueness of approach and delivery to modern media has further reinforced the requirement for such a facility.

Evolution or Revolution !?

MCC have been working in digital media for many years having delivered and advised on internet solutions as well as design and print. Since the year 2000 we have been offering all sorts of training programs for the individual, businesses and organisations in our training rooms. From training in ICT development strategies, Microsoft Certified courses, ECDL, Sage Accounts and many others we have always worked to deliver what is relevant and useful. However, now is the time for change, so much so we have completely changed our facilities to focus completely on one task…. demonstrating and advising how to get the most out of media and make it work for you and your business/organisation. From the Ballymena Media Centre at MCC we are able to approach training and consultancy in a brand new way. We now have an environment in which you can understand the essentials of media and take control to make them work for you.

The Essentials of Media

The essentials of websites, blogs, social media, events and print have been around for many years and at MCC Computers we have been working in all off these areas for many years. We have taken all these years of experience and knowledge to work with these essentials and present them in way that is fresh and meaningful. We can’t simply keep providing courses on a specific element saying that will help your business or organisation. For a business or organisation to survive now in an internet driven era it is important to understand all the media essentials, embrace how they work together and how these can be implemented in their particular context.  While there is benefit in being good at particular tasks, for us it is now more important how these essentials are understood and mapped together to become much more effective.

If you feel your business would need help with media please feel free to lift the phone or pop in to MCC and ask for Philip.

MCC Computers Campaign Room


Brand New

MCC Computers are creating something totally different and unique …..a dedicated campaign room.  We believe in this modern era of technology and the Internet, this will facilitate new and completely fresh opportunities for businesses, education and organisations. We are so convinced of this that we are removing one of our existing training rooms to make way for The Campaign Room complete with a Campaign Wall!  We have been formulating the blue print for quite some time….. we are now ready and on the move. We have a collective team and together we are ready to deliver something new!

Its Time to Evolve

For many years MCC has been helping businesses and organisations in Ballymena and further afield with their Websites, Social Media, Design and Print. We now feel we are in times where there is a need to move forward with what can be done with these wonderful tools, so that we can provide solutions which are even more helpful to our community. Its time to evolve and challenge how we use all existing mediums including websites, social media, design and print. Of course we will continue to create websites, help and train in social media and provide excellent design and print and still see the wonderful benefits they bring….however we have a growing excitement of how as a community of many different businesses and organisations and education we can work together and perhaps mix it up and connect in a meaningful and useful way.

Good Old fashioned Values

In a way there is nothing new. We are simply getting back to “good old fashioned values” of what generations of businesses and organisations did before us. Come together, share and help to benefit each other.  When we share together and have a common goal, we don’t need to go it alone. Together we are able to make more impact and we can also share costs. We are really excited about this and have actively sought to evolve into this new way of working and thinking using digital media and the Internet;  it is beginning to become more of a reality as we begin to change the room. A new way of connecting, sharing the conversation and building campaigns together will inevitably provide fresh ways of operating as well as growing business and communities to mutual advantage as we work together.

The Campaign Wall

Phase 1 is just completed…. we have the campaign formula printed on our wall! Thanks to the fantastic job the guys at Ballyprint did, we have a full wall print with the 4 main elements needed to work a campaign. Our aim is that when we gather together with different people to build a campaign we will be able to understand what the wall means. It all sounds very cryptic we know but all will be revealed very soon ….  we have been blown away with how easily it has been understood, immediately as soon as eyes see it. We have already begun creating campaigns using the 4 elements and we haven’t even the room completed yet!

…… more to come, watch this space.



Advice on staying 4 steps ahead of a scam

This poster was spotted at a bus shelter when out and about in Ballymena and we thought it was worth sharing. Please share this with others as it may be of help to someone.

As the poster says

scamwiseni posterIf you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam

Stay 4 steps ahead of a scam by using this scam test

  • Seems too good to be true
  • Contacted out of the blue
  • Asked for personal details
  • Money is requested

For help and information, or report a scam visit

If you need someone to talk to about Internet security for your home or business in Ballymena please feel free to pop in and talk to us at MCC Computers, Ballymena Business Centre.

Computers Ballymena – How do you choose ?


MCC Computers Ballymena don’t mind where your computer or laptop was purchased and we understand that nowadays there are so many products/services and choices to be made. MCC can advise you in making the right choice for you and help ensure that your money is well spent. Internet Security combined with an annual service ensures you are both safe on the Internet and your system runs to its optimum performance.  These are essential in the current digital era in which we use technology in so many ways.

avg-logoIf you would like advice or have questions regarding Internet Safety and Online Security please feel free to give us a call on 028 2563 8888 or simply drop in and see us at Ballymena Business Centre (we are on the front row with free parking out front )


For many years MCC Computers has been trusted in Ballymena to look after Internet Security and Online Protection in the home and business. Recently, it was reported on Ballymena Today:


Thanks to the partnership and development of their CloudCare programme with the Ballymena computer business AVG Business, one of the world’s largest Internet Security companies, were rewarded for their joint initiative winning the ‘Security Vendor of the Year 2016’ category at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards (ITEA) ceremony in London.

Click here to read the full article at Ballymena Today.


Peace of Mind – Internet Security

MCC Computers Ballymena are only too familiar with the hurt and stress that Internet scams can cause. There are so many days when people call or drop in with us at MCC, feeling that they may have been “Hit” by some sort of scam or malware, which has left them unsure of what to do. In some cases they are completely distraught. It didn’t matter whether it was on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Peace of Mind - Internet Security

Photo Credit- みゆき; Creative Commons

We thought we should simply write this blog to let you know that if you have been affected or think you may have been, please feel totally comfortable about dropping in with us at Ballymena Business Centre, where we will do our best to help you. Having that peace of mind has allowed those coming in at their wits end leaving feeling a whole lot better. If you feel that there is someone you know that might benefit from this post, then please share it with them.

In our experience, everyone is susceptible to an Internet threat, as some are now very sophisticated and extremely difficult to spot. We totally understand that, so please don’t think you are the only one ! Sometimes there is no damage done and all that is needed is simply a set of experienced eyes and a friendly chat… there may even be a cup of tea !! Sometimes it might be a case of your device needing a health check to ensure that you have everything in place to protect your devices as much as possible.

We have been building and repairing computers since 1996 and over the years we have moved with the times and are experienced in Internet security both for the home and businesses. So please if you feel you need to, drop in at MCC Computers, Ballymena Business Centre, Ballymena or simply lift the phone. Ask for Gordon, Anne or Philip

Computers Ballymena – Internet Security




Protecting your home and family from online threats

MCC Computers Ballymena Business Centre are seeing online threats causing more and more problems for people in Ballymena. At MCC Computers we have seen an alarming increase in the amount of harm caused to computers and laptops as a result of viruses. We are also aware that using the internet in our homes leaves our homes open to vulnerabilities in a way we have never experienced before.


At MCC Computers we are trying to shift the focus from computer repairs to computer health check ups. What is the difference? Instead of having to go through the stress of losing data, personal details and needing a costly repair we are encouraging people to consider bringing their computer in for regular yearly checkups. Much like a dental checkup, or the MOT for your car. If you computer or laptop is regularly checked for the presence of malware or spyware and software is kept up to date it should mean that you are less likely to be a victim of online threats.

Once you computer has been compromised by a virus your personal details including bank accounts and private files may be vulnerable, you could lose data, school work, business information and also time while your machine is being repaired. Having a Computer Health checkup is a good way to put your mind at rest knowing that you have the correct internet security and software updates.

We, at MCC Computers, are here to help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out more about us and the range of services we can offer.

To find out how MCC can be of help to you please simply drop in to MCC Computers at Ballymena Business Centre or take the first step by calling directly on 028 2563 8888 for further information.